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  • Give Us A Clue (Masque Theatre Company)

    Give us a Clue is tongue in cheek Murder Mystery.

    'Mick the Money' a local loan shark has been murdered, DI Richard Head and his two sergeants Conner Cope and Arthur Sleep have to find the culprit. They want to pin the murder on Mick's ex-wife Mona Lott just because she was standing over the body holding a blunt instrument when they arrived..!

    Updates on the investigation are given by News Reader Jack Haas-who by the way thinks he's God’s gift to women! However, all is not lost, reporter and co-presenter of C.R.A.P. News Honour Mission is also on the case and is hoping to prove that it is not Mona Lott in the Lounge with the Candlestick!

    Will she be right? Look out for the clues...if you can!

    Tickets: Tickets: £7.50 Adults, £7.00 Concessions and Children

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