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Big Feast ’19: Soulboy & Northern Soul Night

24/8/19 7:30pm

MAC matinee: the man who knew too much

Join Appetite & Mitchell Arts Centre at The Big Feast for a screening of Stoke-filmed Northern Soul drama Soulboy, along with Northern Soul music and dance from Stoke-on-Trent’s Passion & The Veins!

Soulboy:It’s 1974 in the Midlands where power cuts, strikes and boot-boy aggro on football terraces are the norm. Joe McCain and best friend Russ Mountjoy are stuck in dead-end jobs and bored with lives going nowhere. That is until Joe meets Jane a brassy, blond hairdresser who introduces him to a whole new world of sound and movement and all-night dancing: the Wigan Casino, home of Northern Soul. Along the way, they all get swept up in the soul scene, testing each other and confronting darker sides of the scene and their own souls.

Then join us afterwards to celebrate the end of the festival in the The Big Feast Northern Soul After Party!

Tickets: £3.00

7pm- 7:30pm: Passion & The Veins – free, just drop in

7:30pm – 9pm: Soulboy – tickets £3 per person: book in advance through Mitchell Arts Centre or buy on the door (subject to availability)

9pm – 11pm: Passion & The Veins & The Big Feast Northern Soul After Party – free, just drop in

15+ only

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