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MAC Film

Up ‘Anley Duck! – Hanley at Work and Play over the past Century

19/11/2021 11am Tickets: £FREE On The Door            

Merry Christmas From Past to Present- Parties, Presents, Pantos and Santa arriving by Train 100 years ago

07/12/2021 11am Tickets: £FREE On The Door            

The Railway Children 1970 (U)

04/01/2022 11am Tickets: £3.50/£5.00   BOOK NOW – Call 01782 409307 to book a ticket             

The Disaster Artist (15)

05/01/2022 7pm Tickets: £7    BOOK NOW      

E.T. The Extra Terrestrial (PG)

09/01/2022 10.30am Tickets: £3.50 per child 1 Adult goes free per paying child BOOK NOW  

North Staffs in Steam- Railways of the past. A Century of local Steam Railways on film

11/01/2022 11am Tickets: £FREE On The Door