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MAC Film

MAC FILM: Family Film Club: The Lion King (2019)

8/4/20 11:30am Simba idolizes his father, King Mufasa, and takes to heart his own royal destiny on the plains of Africa. But not everyone in the kingdom celebrates the new cub’s arrival. Now, with help from a curious pair of newfound friends, Simba must figure out how to grow up and take back what is … More Info

Mac Matinee: The Third Man

14/4/20 11am “The Third Man” stars Joseph Cotten as a writer, who arrives penniless as a guest of his childhood chum Harry Lime (Orson Welles), only to find him dead. Martins develops a conspiracy theory after learning of a “third man” present at the time of Harry’s death. Sponsored by HomeInstead Tickets: £3.50 for ticket, … More Info

MAC FILM: Family Film Club: Paw Patrol – Mighty Pups

15/4/20 11:30am A meteor’s golden energy grants the PAW Patrol superpowers. The heroic MIGHTY PUPS are on a roll to super-save the day. Tickets: £3.00 per child, adults go FREE* (one free adult ticket per paying child. offer only available to children under 16) Call our box office to book on 01782 409307.

MAC Matinee: Some Like it Hot

28/4/20 11am After witnessing a Mafia murder, slick saxophone player Joe (Tony Curtis) and his long-suffering buddy, Jerry (Jack Lemmon), improvise a quick plan to escape from Chicago with their lives. Disguising themselves as women, they join an all-female jazz band and hop a train bound for sunny Florida. Sponsored by HomeInstead Tickets: £3.50 for … More Info