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Champions of Illusion

1/3/19 8pm

MAC matinee: the man who knew too much

Project "Champions of Illusion" was established in January 2015  on the initiative of the multiple champion of  illusion from  Poland - Łukasz Grant, the star of the Ukrainian school of magic - Jurij Monchak and the Lithuanian specialist on the mental illusion - Nicolas Kino. Currently, the core of the group is made up of illusionists from eight countries around the world.
Champions of Illusion is a two-hour interactive show, where tricks and tricks known only from the TV screen are literally at your fingertips.
Great music and amazing lighting add "magic" to the whole enterprise. The event is addressed to the whole family and regardless of age, everyone will find something for themselves. On the stage, apart from artists, the audience always actively participates in the implementation of individual tricks. Everyone is playing, from 5 to 105 years old.
Artists present various forms of illusion, from card tricks popular especially among children, through shows with pigeons and mental tricks, to large illusions with large props, levitation and amazing escapes from closed chests or cages. Every illusionist is different and it delights the public with something else.

Tickets: £33

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