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Jack the Giant Shrinker (Masque Theatre)

22/11/18 1:30pm
23/11/18 7pm

jack the giant shrinker

Jack the Giant Shrinker (Masque Theatre)

Masque Theatre Company presents another fabulous panto written by Sue Waters.

Jack lives with his Mother Mary Muggle. They live at Muggle’s Dairy which they rent from Lord Smarty Pants, nicknamed ‘Farty pants’ for obvious reasons! Unfortunately times have been hard for Jack and his Mum and they now only have one cow left, Maisy.

Mary has fallen behind with her rent and rather than succumb to Lord Smarty Pants who would like her to pay him in ‘other’ ways ...nod..nod...wink...wink, she has decided to send Jack off to sell Maisy for a good price! But Jack meets the Absolutely Fabulous Fairy , disguised as an old woman, who persuades Jack to swap Maisy for some magic beans that will grow into a beanstalk and give him everything he wants if he just...believes!

Will Jack get everything he wants? Will Mary Muggle be able to avoid Lord ‘Farty’ Pants? What will Jack do when he meets the Giant? All will be revealed with a sprinkle of magic, mayhem and dubious characters along the way!

Tickets : £9* Adults & £8* OAP’s & children 12 and under. Concessions available for parties of 5 or more please enquire.

*Prices includes booking fee. Please note additional fees may be applied at checkout for online sales.