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MAC Matinee: Family Plot

26/2/18 11am

MAC matinee: the man who knew too much

MAC Matinee: Family Plot

Mitchell Matinees bring you a new season of classic film screenings. This Autumn/Winter we are bringing you 'Hitchcock Season' to celebrate the genius of Alfred Hitchcock with some of his best work.

Blanche, a less than reputable psychic, and her equally shady boyfriend, George, are hired by an elderly lady to find her nephew Arthur, who had been given up for adoption as a boy. With little information to go on, the pair track down the now-adult man in San Francisco. Arthur has had a colourful past, including murder and thievery with girlfriend Fran. So when he discovers he is being trailed, he assumes it's for other reasons.

Tickets: £3.50 for ticket, tea/coffee and a cake or £5 for ticket and a hot meal*

*subject to availability