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Spider- Man: No Way Home (12)

Thursday 28th July 2022 - 1pm

Tickets: £3.50 




Spiderman Far From Home 
After Quentin Beck frames Peter Parker for his murder and reveals Parker's identity as Spider-Man, Parker, his girlfriend MJ Watson, best friend Ned Leeds, and aunt May are interrogated by the Department of Damage Control. Lawyer Matt Murdock gets Parker's charges dropped, but the group grapples with negative publicity. After Parker, MJ, and Ned's MIT applications are rejected, Parker goes to the New York Sanctum to ask Stephen Strange for help. Strange casts a spell that would make everyone forget Parker is Spider-Man, but it is corrupted when Parker repeatedly requests alterations to let his loved ones retain their memories. Strange contains the spell to stop it and makes Parker leave.
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Due to high demand, we recommend booking tickets in advance. 

* Online via the 'Book Now' button or by telephone 01782 409307. Alternatively, you can book at Box Office during opening hours. 

* No trailers or adverts. Film starts prompt at advertised time.