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That 80’s Rock Show

Friday 28th October 2022 - 7:45pm

Tickets: £22.00


Do you love Bon Jovi, Queen, Bonnie Tyler, Journey, Guns N’ Roses?
Are you Livin’ on a Prayer and will never Stop Believin’?
Are you ready to Fight for your Right to Party?
Here we go again…
That 80’s Christmas Rock Show is the ultimate rock tribute to the
glorious 1980s. With over 2 hours of rock anthems and power ballads,
this stadium sized live music show pays homage to a whole era that taste
forgot, celebrating such legends as Whitesnake, Heart, Def Leppard, Kiss
and many, many more, all with a nostalgia backdrop of 80’s tv and film
themes and quotes.
A 100% live show with lights, lasers, smoke, vintage audio and more
animal print (faux, of course!) and more spandex than is probably
healthy. A very tongue-in-cheek, family friendly show with characters
who never fail to get the house partying with rock fingers aloft.
The show has been touring theatres and headlining festivals across the
UK for the past 5 years. Expect an energetic, anthemic, fun party with
these larger than life characters. The bands energy and love for the
music is truly infectious and the show goes down a storm with all ages.
So whether you lived through it first time round, or you long to be
there, let That 80s Rock Show take you back.
Come along dressed in your 80s finery and rock the night away…..are YOU
ready for That 80s Rock Show?