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 Meet our Team

artistic directors

Debroah McAndrew

Harriet Jackson

General Manager

General Manager: Harriet Jackson
The operation and maintenance of the building and the Centre's day-to-day activities are the responsibility of Harriet and her team.

Catering Manager: Karen Jackson
Customer Services Manager: Karen Jackson

Customer Services Assistant: Paige North
Customer Services Apprentice: Stephanie Collis
Maintenance : Dave Christer
Creative Programme Coordinator: Emily Collins

If you would like to join our team visit our job opportunities page here.

Board of Directors
Sir Brian Fender (Chair)
Ross Mitchell
Paul Niblet
Claire Garner
Mike Lloyd
Antony Munday
Eddie Slade
Autumn Evans

 Meet our Artistic Director

artistic directors

Creative Writing




MAC's Artistic Vision

We are proud to be a charity which improves the lives of Stoke-on-Trent citizens and in particular young people. Our focus will always be on those less advantaged.

The vision focuses on four main areas; creative writing, theatre, film and digital.

Please do not hesitate to contact us whenever you need our assistance in providing space, an artist, or any advice on funding. You may send us a message at