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For Inquiries, Please Call: 01782-409307

auditorium full with people

Main Auditorium

The main theatre has seating for 316 with full access for wheelchair users. Included in this, the theatre has a balcony with flexible seating. These seats may be moved to improve disabled accessibility.

As well as its use as a traditional theatre space the auditorium may also be used for conferences. It's also ideal for awards ceremonies and the perfect space to conduct auditions for your shows and performances.

The deep stage leads to three purpose-built dressing rooms, all of which have access to shower and toilet facilities with capacity for 55 people in total.

Auditorium Hire

If you are interested in hiring the Auditorium you can contact Karen Jackson on 01782-409307 or email


"If you haven't been to Mitchell Arts Centre then you should, wonderful theatre, tremendous facilities and best of all terrific people, we had a really good show week and would recommend to anyone who is looking for an Auditorium space." E. Shannon, Stone District Scout Council.

auditorium full of people