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MAC Matinee’s


As part of our films programme our MAC Matinees are shown on selected Weekdays. 


No need to book
£3.50 / £5 includes tea/coffee and cake
Some of Ray Johnsons Film Archive are FREE events
No trailers or adverts. Film starts at 11am prompt.

Easter Parade

Tue 23rd April 11am

VE Day 80th Anniversary

Tue 30th April 11am

A Star is Born 1937

Thur 9th May 11am

The Knotty

Tue 14th May 11am

The Card

Thur 30th May 11am

Let's Dance

Tue 18th June 11am

Canals and Canal Boats

Tue 2nd July 11am

Seasides, Fairgrounds and Circuses

Tue 30th July 11am

The Next New Thing

Tue 20th August 11am